Manchester United striker is alleged to new styles like 10 million worth of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United last week, the introduction of striker Javier Hernandez of Mexico in the eyes of most fans, the new face is still a mystery, however, has also played for Everton and Manchester City's former England U21 international striker Adrian Heath pointed out that the Old Trafford fans might expect to see the arrival of another Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Hernandez (former) accused as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Heath is now the USL team Austin American League U23 Aztecs (Austin Aztex) club coach, Hernandez often to see the game. Heath said: "I closely studied the Mexican League, where the rich talent in the past 6 months, Hernandez and the national team in Chivas began to shine. He was known as Charles Melito odd , meaning that a small pea, but you do not look down he short, because his style of play is terrible. "

As with Hernandez, Heath is also a little over the past forward, "his movement is very strong, so headed into the lot, he seems to always be one step faster than the defender stabbed the ball." Heath of Road "If you see him in the game, they will think: 'He could score any minute.' As you can see the idea as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but he probably really do get one. a lot people urged him to the national team, but they also do not want to start, because of his age is very small, but at last he entered the national team, 4 games into the four. "

People worried about whether he would like Berbatov, as in the United giants such stage fright. But Heath did not think this is the problem: "He will not have any problem to meet the fans, because here in the Chivas, each home has a 60,000 to 80,000 fans, especially if the opponent is the American team, then more people. Mexicans are passionate about football. However, he certainly takes time, if any place is appropriate, then it is Manchester United because they have enough talent in the team players, have ample patience. I believe that he would a huge impact. "

Hernandez worth exactly how much, is still a mystery, "Sun" said it was 600 pounds, "Daily Mail" is said to be 500 pounds, "Daily Telegraph" was highest 1000 pounds. Only certainty is that Hernandez from football family, his grandfather, Thomas Barr kaza 1954 World Cup striker. 21-year-old Hernandez move to Manchester United also had a lot of interesting stories, in order to secrecy, asking him not to move to Manchester United to notify any person inside, so his grandfather and manager did not know Barr kaza this.

When Hernandez left Mexico when he was told his grandfather just this trip is to Atlanta, and finally he was surprised to find the real destination was actually Old Trafford. To move that day until Hernandez's family and girlfriend have been hiding for a whole week of time.

Finally, Hernandez and his family enjoyed a 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich Manchester United, the next day to meet with Ferguson. "We see the side with Sir Alex Ferguson hopes, so my family and I had lunch with him." Hernandez said, "I know why he can be so successful because he is a true and frank. He is an unusual person He will leave a profound impression on you, not only because of his accomplishments, but because of his behavior. We talked football, he told us the story of some of you know, in addition we do not talk about more. He wanted to meet me with my family, look at us. "

"Last Wednesday, I watched the game at Old Trafford, I think the whole atmosphere there, the fans express themselves, but also for football in this country born of the Spirit, are difficult to describe in words. I just want to jump on course, start the race. fan support is amazing, both teams win or lose, and, the level of the players and the league are world famous. England football more in-depth development than Mexico, the country's culture Football means more emphasis on fair play, and everyone tried to ensure the highest level of play on the pitch, I like that. "

British "Daily Telegraph" revealed the origin of transfer Hernandez last September, a former Mexican striker Marco Garces (Marco Garces) Liverpool John Moores University in England 4 years Education Campaign After the return to science. In the United Kingdom, Manchester United scout Jim Garces with basil (Jim Lawlor) become good friends, after returning to his youth academy in the Pachuca club work. But the basil to Mexico visit, please recommend a good player Garces, who suggested he see Hernandez.

Last December, Manchester United scouts to see Hernandez to arrange for a game, and then, in February and March, Basil was invited to Mexico to personally visit 3 weeks, more in-depth understanding. Through observation, Manchester United that Hernandez is not only forthright, and speak fluent English, studied business management courses free Shihai.

This season, Hernandez scored in 8 games, 10 goals, basil Chivas saw his two games, but still really impressed Manchester United, Mexico March 3 game 2-0 win over New Zealand in Hernandez's performance, so that they feel the young striker has reached the requirements of the Red Devils.

Ferguson said: "Jim presented a children's interesting about this report, so we sent last week, the club secretary went to Mexico with Jim to complete the transaction. We are very pleased to sign him."

Chivas Manchester United club directly with the main Li Jiya transactions, as part of the transfer contract, Manchester United agreed this summer to participate in the new Chivas home game. "When I learned that will be joining Manchester United, I got goosebumps from the whole body. You have many dreams, I was a kid when watching live TV, on the desire to move to Europe. I am very grateful to help me achieve each the goals. Suddenly, I'm going to talk to those who own only in the PS and television over the past met the players on to play with, I am going to pursue a dream, and I thank God I realized my dream. "

Hernandez will be July 1 officially joined Manchester United, before that, he will have the World Cup in South Africa, if you like Mexico where he can perform well, then, his Dream Theater fans will have more high expectations.


Recalling the journey Bundesliga Klose glad most afraid of ten people have already retired

Today, nike shoes striker Miroslav Klose is a day of special significance, April 15, 2000, in Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, home of the game, his first appearance in the Bundesliga, flash decade has passed, Despite the poor state of this season, but 119 goals in the Bundesliga and the German team's 48 goals are still confirmed his greatness, to accept nike shoes official magazine interview, he also points to the many years experience.

Even after a decade on his first Bundesliga game, Klose is still fresh in my memory, "It was Kaiser of the Frankfurt game, I reserve Morris Peterson played 15 minutes, and ultimately, With Reich's goal, beating us 1-0. It was a very tough game, but we kept the lead to the end, the whole mountain shook Tony Shum, then it is an incredible game, and some things I will never forget. "

For the beginning of his career experience, Klose in my mind reserved for them in a special place, "I do not remember all the games, but definitely remember the first Bundesliga appearance, that I was a kid, when there's dream first season, I also played for Wolfsburg in the competition, but only played a few minutes. I remember my first Bundesliga next season is starting on the Stuttgart game, when I The opponent is Thiam, the day before the game, our coach Rehhagel gave us a detailed video analysis, and points out their advantages and disadvantages of offense and defense, I know all Thiam. "

In 284 Bundesliga games, Klose has been the ball into the 119, in which the ball, he has a special appreciation of nature, "I could not help think of the effect of Bremen during the course of Cologne in Wieser a goal, the ball broke my left foot volley, perhaps the most exciting of my career is a goal, at least in the Bundesliga. "league, staged four times so far Klose" hat-trick ", how can there be such a good performance? Klose's view is: "If you get very early in the game to score, then you've got a lot of burden on small, at least for me, in which case I always feel like relaxing a lot, if the tension no sense, you did not think too much, all that may come naturally. "

Bundesliga campaign decade, Klose has also become a "collection of addiction," the game worn jerseys and played football, he was always ready to collect, Klose said: "Early in my career I used to collect jerseys, every game is really the collection, however, three or four years, I stopped, because they really became too much. From then on, I started collecting football, until now or that have particular race, especially in the Champions League or national team, I always try to take a football. Now, I participated in football at each competition I have, they are neat rows in my home together. my shirt is also my home, in my retirement, I will build a beautiful house kept these souvenirs. "

Football, Klose will inevitably encounter rival to his headaches, and most depressed person to have his "iron plaster," said the former German international Coral, said the football legend who had retired , Klose smiled and said: "The most difficult game is always the face of Coral where the Dortmund, I have never met guarded like him, I know I'm much faster than him, but his are always I can put in front of the foot, or put the ball between me and, fortunately, only two years of our careers overlap. "Since there are formidable opponents, there will be" cute "opponent, In the Bundesliga, there are always some team is willing to encounter Klose, Klose said: "It's strange, I always encounter some teams played well, and the frequent goal, they are Wolfsburg, Hertha Berlin and Hamburg, the three teams always bring out my best. "

Bundesliga career, Klose often for several years and with a defender to play against in the field, they are not only rivals, and sometimes can even talk a few words, Klose said: "For some particular opponent, such as national teammate in the field, we will even share some personal circumstances, such as family, in the face Podolski, Bremen, or some players, I always look forward to talk with them about. "

119 goals, not the ultimate goal of Miroslav Klose in the Bundesliga, the former Bundesliga Golden Boot also want to further expand his record, "of course, the goal as possible, each season, I will give set yourself a goal, and then try to achieve it, end of the season, I will analyze, in the end is not achieved. This season, I would like to add into one or more of the ball, however, see the club's success and won many important competitions, I have felt very happy. "


Dutch coach Van Gaal Bundesliga break the spell without a crown owned 17 Triple Crown red crown

In the Bundesliga, there have been many Dutch left their footprints marshal, however, Stevens,Joel, who failed to lead the team raised over Bundesliga champions salad, and now this embarrassment history has finally been rewritten, coached nike shoes's first season, Van Gaal has led his unit won the Bundesliga title, and in the "triple crown" of the objectives of full sprint.

The first 34 Bundesliga: nike shoes 1-3 Hertha [Sports Photo Center] Olic won the European award disc

Last summer, when Van Gaal came to nike shoes, he did not Klinsmann, Heynckes stay on the foundation laid, but a radical reform of the team, according to him, vertical and horizontal moment of the "g Rodney "portfolio company of the beginning and the bench, not satisfied with arrangements to be sold to Inter Milan Lucio, new Thomas - Mueller, Bud Stewart Bell, but by the reuse, reform is always accompanied by pain, Van Gaal has not made the reforms immediate effect, 19 games, 19 sets of team, describes the turbulence nike shoes, nike shoes are also nearly ruined the future of the league and the Champions League, the worst of times, the league, eight behind leaders nike shoes Munich, Champions League also From out short of the step.

However, Van Gaal's efforts to finally the most critical moment alive effective, and decisive Champions League Juventus away, backs against the wall to complete a 4-1 nike shoes shaking reversal, whether it is strength, or temperament, from which the war began, nike shoes have a drastic change in hair strength before the winter break after nike shoes had had 19 league games unbeaten, taking nine straight league ho amazing performance. Strong momentum and also let them go hand in hand in the third-line operations.

League, 1-0 in the first 24 after Lectra Hamburg, Van Gaal's team first arrived in the Bundesliga this season, top, after which, in addition to Schalke 04 short "usurper", the most of the time, thanks Jen is sit tight in the first place, ahead of a league title will be locked, and ultimately, in the 3-1 win over Hertha Berlin, the nike shoes points 70 points to 5 points ahead of Schalke 04 to win, after a lapse of a years later, re-aspirations to the Bundesliga. Coaching career, Van Gaal had previously Ajax in the Eredivisie, AZ Alkmaar team, as coach of Barcelona La Liga, have led his unit to get through the league championship, the German champions, so he completed in three National League have winning experience feat.

Count the Bundesliga title, Van Gaal has had 17 large and small to get titles, including four Eredivisie titles, two La Liga titles and a Bundesliga champion, the war in Europe in the period in the coach Ajax He also once received, respectively, UEFA Cup and Champions League. Record in terms of coaching, so far, Van Gaal led a total of 713 entries field, winning 135 games 440 games a negative level of 137, winning a staggering 61.7%.

Van Gaal in terms of this season, winning his record may also increase in the German cup, they go all the way, the semi-final, nike shoes Munich 1-0 Schalke 04 Lectra, reached the final. In the spotlight in the Champions League, nike shoes adventure into the later rounds, has eliminated Fiorentina, Manchester United and Lyon, Real Madrid and Inter Milan join forces. Champions League history, Van Gaal, who led Ajax reached the final twice, and Ones in 1995, and if he can win this time, he will become the marshal of Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld, the second in the Champions League reform After the win, led two different teams head coach, led his unit if it can get "triple crown", he will be Stan, Kovacs, Guus Hiddink, Ferguson, and Guardiola, the sixth led his unit to be "Triple Crown" of the coach, it will be nike shoes's first team in the history of "Triple Crown" coach, standing in front of history, Van Gaal will not slow down the pace.

Van Gaal coaching honor at a glance:

Eredivisie title four times (1993-94,1994-95,1995-96,2008-09 season), the Dutch Cup 1 (1992-93 season), the Dutch Super Cup 3 times (1993-94,1994-95 1995-96 season), 2 La Liga titles (1997-98,1998-99 season), the King of Spain Cup 1 (1997-98 season), German champions 1 (2009-10 season), the European Champions League 1 time champion (1994-95), 1 UEFA Cup (1991-92 season), the Toyota Cup Champions 1 time (1994-95), the European Super Cup 2 times (1995-96,1997-98 season)


Understanding the situation the first 26 Bundesliga: Qi Ying devil race champion Army

The last round of the Bundesliga, the home team wins, 2 4, 3 negative, take a drive way to win 4 lost 4, low-pay side 4, 3 wins, 2 losses, Odds to win 3 lose 5 to go 1, low-pay side to win 3 consecutive roulette Road lose much less. Championship, in Leverkusen 24 streak was broken after jumping to the league Schalke 04 2, air jordan currently lead the Bundesliga 2 points advantage. Bottom of the list, the No. 15 and No. 14 Bochum Nuremberg difference between the 6 points and 3 places most likely to downgrade after the 4 teams in Nuremberg, Hanover, between Freiburg and Hertha.

This week, the air jordan Munich Champions League adventure out of Florence, 8 in advance, and Bremen, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, European Union mission there, the German Cup semi-finals will be conducted March 23, air jordan Munich and Werder Bremen will face three lines are battle. Remaining nine in the league situation, champion Army began to enjoy the fun from the current round of race ushered in the devil's challenge, who can smoothly cross the border at this critical moment, will occupy the high ground in the Bundesliga championship. Boarded the second place in the Schalke 04 will mark the beginning from the round 5 game series, Stuttgart (Main), Hamburg (passenger), air jordan (Cup home), Love (off) and air jordan (league matches), 5 Magath war will determine whether the field played hard Wolfsburg miracle; Love will usher in the next five seasons watershed, Hamburg (main), Dortmund (passenger), Schalke (Main), Frankfurt (passenger), and worship Jen (main), with the exception of Frankfurt, the other 4 major battle field in the key field; compared with Schalke and Love, air jordan devil schedule focused on the end of March early April, in the next two rounds of face Freiburg and Frankfurt later, Schalke (Cup guest), Stuttgart (main), Schalke (League Away), Love (off) the devil there during the Champions League schedule 8 finals, which will determine the fate of the Dutch coach of the season. Strong with top 3 the same schedule as Hamburg and Bremen worrying, the former EU of 16 match against Anderlecht, but during the off war Love, main battle Schalke, who three fronts facing the next 5 games 12 days hard-fought, the race for the Bundesliga density the most. In comparison, the upstream Legion, specializing in Dortmund league schedule is relatively favorable.

Round of Bundesliga leaders air jordan chasing Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen are at home to face the bitter fight, and Hertha Berlin and Nuremberg's relegation battle, the team will directly determine the fate of the capital.

Essence reminded

1, 8 in the Champions League air jordan advance, and Bremen, Hamburg, Wolfsburg is a European Union mission, enjoy the fun usher corps devil race champion.

2, Nuremberg guest at the Olympic stadium nearly 7 1 level 6 negative, 巴西后卫布 Renault affected by serious injury is not small.

3, from Frankfurt last weekend started off war, Magath in the last 6 games to 5 battle former club.

4, Hertha Berlin, Nuremberg, 9 wins and 3 main battle past level 6 negative, nearly 7 times the main battle rival 6 wins and 1 level.

5, air jordan this season, respectively the main index to 2 victory over Mainz and Hertha, catching the victory.

6, almost 4 times Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen at home against Hamburg just a level 3 losses, plus the team is not sharp, winning really is not easy.

Bundesliga News week

1, the air jordan coach Louis van Gaal has told "Kicker" interview, explained his thoughts on the changes to the rules of football, he proposed to abolish the penalty shootout and the foul ball, the introduction of the high court, he thought the penalty shootout is not measure the true level of the two sides, it is recommended 30 minutes of extra time is divided into six stages, each stage of diminishing a player.

2, the last round of home and a war in Stuttgart, Bremen and other fans of the main report to the Ozil to boos. After the game, general manager of the behavior of the fans Allofs satisfied, and publicly supported Ozil that the team is in a battle of the season 12 days 5 critical moment, the sound does not allow any discord affect morale. Defender Naldo is hope for the German national team.

3, if not completed within the next few weeks Xuyue E, Hamburg, and Castro, two German internationals Boateng is likely to Shove Sharansky left Hamburg in the summer. As Boateng 13 million euros contract contains a buyout clause, as long as there is a price out of this club is willing, Boateng could leave. Castro Shove Chomsky in Hamburg losing his spot, his contract will expire in 2011, leaving the team this summer, most likely.

4, According to the "Kicker" said Valencia striker is concerned about the card test in Stuttgart. As bats leave their military striker David Villa this summer highly likely, Valencia ahead of schedule to finalize its alternatives. It is reported, the card test is currently being renewed talks with Stuttgart, but progress is not smooth, the salary structure, young military test requirements difficult to meet the card.

5, Freiburg coach Dutt on the defense team the last round of two fatal mistakes are dissatisfied with air jordan also said the game will not give up, once again sporting director Du Funa publicly expressed support for Dutt, "regardless of the outcome after 34 How, Dutt is Freiburg coach. "

Bundesliga 28 Boiling Point: road set back, the air jordan will rebound at home

air jordan related to the fate of the devil in the race opened the curtain this week, air jordan Munich after the winter break with Robben's first nine goals in extra time out of Schalke 04, while advancing the German Cup final, opened the race for the devil a good start. This weekend, air jordan sits at the Allianz Arena and Stuttgart usher in the southern derby, crashed in an accident after the last round of guest Frankfurt, is about to set off the Champions League 1 / 4 final of the Bundesliga Banba not lose faith before the war (>>> German Hill Classic 28 Analysis: air jordan Munich VS Stuttgart).

This week in the German Cup semi-final from a guest from Schalke 04, air jordan will be in the next 18 days, 6-game experience, the main battle Stuttgart, the main battle Manchester United Champions League, League guest Schalke 04, Champions League guest guest of Manchester United and Le Woku Sen, coach Van Gaal is in recognition of the team caught between life and death, "or be the winner of the flowers, or tragic death," but the Dutch do not think that the coaches and players is the most exciting arrangements and the impact of the first release of treble rhetoric. Weeks of fierce battle in the 120-minute Cup against air jordan Munich is a huge physical challenge, both Mill and fight to exhaustion Klose, Schweinsteiger fight to the injured as well, leaving the original force of the Champions League's Franck Ribery has been frozen also played the second half, despite the smooth transition of Van Gaal's plans come to nothing, but the pressure and difficulties in the face of self-confidence played Bundesliga Banba, which undoubtedly schedule for the devil into a tonic.

Derby in southern Germany, air jordan has always been controlled voice, data support the two young people to take strong military Bundesliga Banba. Frankfurt, the team reversed the last round away tragically, suffered the first 3 games of the season lost all of the previous two losses away from, respectively, to give Mainz 05, Hamburg, air jordan win then Wolfsburg 3 0 0 Cologne level than 0; last season, air jordan have lost two games combined, respectively, 1 to 3 losses away Stuttgart, Cottbus 0 to 2 negative, followed by home team were 2 to 1 victory Wolf and Love Library Sen; 07-08 season, air jordan poor performance of the total lost 8 games on the road, followed by a home record of 6 wins 1 loss, ERA two away matches were more than 2 to 3 losses at home bored, and after special Bochum, Stuttgart after a negative home away 1 to 2 negative Hamburg. Lost nearly 4 quarter total of 12 battle away, then home 9 wins 1 loss 2, bounce rate of 75%. In addition, the track record on the main battle rival air jordan past level 4 of 28 wins and 10 losses, 9 times in this century, the main battle Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart 8 wins and 1 level. air jordan set off a victory when the European Union 1 / 4 finals.


Tony Wong said the porn door Yabu Kua Franck Ribery Air Jordan optimistic about the reach the final

In recent days, the French players were the "porn portal" created a great sensation, Air Jordan Munich midfielder Franck Ribery was rolled in, it could not help make people worried about prospects for the Champions League against Air Jordan Munich, but "football Emperor" Franz Powell does not think that this incident Franck Ribery adversely affect the performance of the Champions League, and he optimistic about the Air Jordan out of Lyon final.

According to "Munich Daily" reported Tuesday, in an interview, talking about the issue Franck Ribery, Beckenbauer said: "He just as a witness to answer questions, so this will not let him upset special. In stadium, Frank is a player only concerned with the game itself. "And on Monday, Franck Ribery's lawyer Bota Yi also confirmed to the outside world:" last week accepted the question as a witness Ribery, Franck Ribery is on, So far the matter, he will not be charged. "look from training on Tuesday, the French are no special moves, and even joking with his teammates, it seems to be confirmed Beckenbauer view.

Record from the confrontation of view, the body in Lyon, Air Jordan did not account for what is cheap, even if they win 00-01 that season, also had a 3-0 group stage opponents blow a shame, but in this showdown, Tony Ken Baoer Air Jordan still optimistic about the cut, "Air Jordan greater advantage, I hope they can become the winner of the semi-finals." Of course, Air Jordan's Champions League knockout from the road to see the cut, out of Florence and Manchester United are very difficult, simply because the away goals before poise, therefore, Beckenbauer also stressed: "This is inseparable from race two, only in the two games are great to play to advance."

This season, Air Jordan can see the win "Triple Crown" of hope, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the attitude of Van Gaal, who, like Franz Beckenbauer, the team did not want this to be a burden, in his view, more important to regain the league title, "In the Cup, we also have a good chance, as we see, of course, to win the Champions League again would be a great thing, but most important is still the Bundesliga title . "outlook on Wednesday's first leg at home to Lyon, the answer to Franz Beckenbauer is somewhat perfunctory," This may be better than last Saturday's game more difficult. "the last round of the league, Air Jordan 7-0 at home rout of Hannover 96, made nearly 20 years, the biggest home victory, this time to face Lyon, for them, won the Lyon while avoiding opponents and then gave away goals will undoubtedly be more practical.

Air Jordan last final is still practicing Lu Sha Zhao winger attacking football fight

Sunday morning Beijing time, the season finale of drama in a European competition final will be staged at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Air Jordan Munich and Inter Milan will be staged at the peak of this duel to determine who the historical achievements of the first Triple Crown Club . Air Jordan Munich to the Bernabeu yesterday was the only time adaptive training, Air Jordan revealed the message was clear - to the main wing, playing offensive football.

Air Jordan's training was arranged in the afternoon, warm sunshine in the afternoon, it had received the domestic league and cup champions Air Jordan generals all seem very relaxed. Van Gaal in the field before the start of the training will be all together in a brief mobilization, the effect is very good, Air Jordan players morale is very strong. In fact the importance of the Champions League final without Van Gundy to say, midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger to point out that "in Berlin (German Cup) in the victory of the night was grand, but the (Champions League) this night is even more important, if we win was able to make history, and now the team are eager to win. "

After relaxing in a simple, Air Jordan 1 hour of training time occupied almost entirely by wing attack, Van Gaal has been clear that the fight in the finals Air Jordan attacking football, "The competition is very close to both the strength, it would be a very balanced game, but my football philosophy, including to please the audience, so we must attack. " Indeed, Van Gaal's team will be supported by all German fans, not just for their game club, is also for the fans, "I heard that even the game at the Allianz Arena will be the influx of 70,000 fans, this is amazing I believe this team is a great inspiration, in the whole country behind us. "

Air Jordan captain Mark van Bommel has won the Champions League trophy with Barcelona, has experienced a large extent he thinks the game will depend on the outcome of some of the details, "may be some very small things that decide the game, say, a foul or a sideline ball ", in addition to these, the referee's decisions and the state of course, crucial spot, so Mark van Bommel also stressed that the final" need luck, "while interesting is eliminated by Air Jordan Munich Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson pointed out Air Jordan no shortage of luck.

Either Air Jordan or Inter win, will be the first Triple Crown history of the club, Air Jordan Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge encourage players perfect ending, "I'm sure the team will make every effort to create a historical moment, to know such a successful club like Air Jordan have not won a Triple Crown. "

Half: Franck Ribery made the penalty into the Air Jordan penalty Romania 1-0 Fiorentina

Beijing Today 3:45, Champions League 1 / 8 Eliminations for a game against Air Jordan at the Allianz Stadium in Florence. Manufactured the first half injury time penalty Robben broke Franck Ribery, Air Jordan 1-0 lead.

Only two teams in the Champions League last season once suffered in Air Jordan's 1-1 home 3-0. This sent the strongest team Air Jordan, Franck Ribery and Robben again starting at the same time, the Florence league debut last weekend, compared to a 6 to make adjustments, Gilardino and Vidic is their hope.

2 minutes, Marchionni and Alberto Gilardino to play the wall with his right foot 25 yards after the shot missed. 3 minutes, Gobbi cross from the left, the guard siege not far, Vidic chest the ball, Gilardino 15 yards hit the high volley at the turn. 9 minutes, Van Buyten, and in dealing with a bout each other when some thought balls to the ball, almost get the chance to Alberto Gilardino.

13 minutes, Van Buyten sent overheads, Gomez 8 yards into the restricted area Youlei right-foot strike past a small angle corner, struggling Frey saved. The first 16 minutes, Montolivo Houchangchangzhuan, Gilardino offside actually own into the restricted area from the right slipped. The first 18 minutes, hanging Vargas free kick into the box on the right, after the point 3 yards Natalie header top side.

22 minutes, Franck Ribery left foot shot 25 yards left, Fred struggling denied. The first 28 minutes, Mark van Bommel received a yellow card Montolivo Diego feet. After 1 minute, the referee suspended the game had to make Montolivo treatment. 34 minutes, Franck Ribery out on the left corner, Martin Demichelis header from 6 yards at the top of the high. 35 minutes, Marchionni on the right passing, 22 yards plug Montolivo hit his right foot shot high.

38 minutes, Mark van Bommel back to do, Gomes shot hit his right foot 25 yards high. 42 minutes, after defense Robben ingenious breakthrough to attract the ball, no defense in stopping the restricted area did not stop Muller Fred gets the ball good. 43 minutes, Gomez pass, the frontier closed area left foot shot Robben, Fred gets the ball. 44 minutes Gilardino shot blocked inside the restricted area.

Caught with the same first 2 minutes, Robben Zhise, Franck Ribery was Natalie trip into the restricted area, the ball just bounced back to the foot of Gomez, Gomez field goal but the referee signaled in advance to a penalty kick, the goal is not counted. Into the lower right corner of the fool Fred Lo, Air Jordan 1-0, this is the first half the score.


Bayern end of the Dubai training warm-up put to the test on Tuesday and the Basel

Sunshine, green grass, and 30 degree heat, Bayern and his party returned on Sunday, they were greeted by snow and low temperature there Tuesday with the Basel team warm-up match.
On Saturday, Van Gaal has also arranged a training camp before the end of 11 pairs of 11 practice sessions within the team. Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery did not participate in the two wounded, everyone else on the field, III goalkeeper Kraft has also guested on a central defender.

Sunday morning, Bayern up on the plane. The customs in Munich, the players were wrapped thick. 6 days in Dubai, they finished 10 games off the outdoor training and 1 to test. Coach Van Gaal said: "The players worked very hard. I am very satisfied with the training effect. All gave 100% effort. And we want to win shown me very happy."

This was also promoted to chairman Hernes, director of Nei Linge for the first time led to Dubai alone. He said: "This training will enable better integration with the team for the second half and laid a good foundation for the league."

Franck Ribery and of course fly in the ointment is that two core Robben injured. Among the two men, Van Gaal more worried about Ribery. Too long because the absence of the French, "We have to let him into the team this season." Relatively reassuring Romania would have liked, "his injury was not that bad."

Return to Germany, Bayern facing the first problem is that temperature adjustments. The temperature difference between Dubai and Munich more than 40 degrees, with the cold now raging in Europe said: "At first it may be difficult." Van Gaal told in advance and Nei Linge players dressed, this period of the important thing is to prevent the common cold.

But Bayern players little time to adjust. They will be on Tuesday with the Swiss club Basel in a warm-up match, this is their winter break this year, only a warm-up arrangements. Competition will begin at 2 am Beijing time Wednesday. Nei Linge said: "We want to Sign in game mode, because we are now is not the leader."

If Bayern have not really put the game with the Basel, big mouth, the former Bayern Munich player has more to pull its weight by Basler. Columnist in the media, he has been mustering the enthusiasm to give Bayern prick, "on Tuesday is just the beginning."

On Friday, Bayern against Hoffenheim, the second half of the Bundesliga curtain officially opened.

Bayern win the opening game of "double insurance" the end of a recording was dominant factors

Against VfL Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich is the fifth time to participate in the Bundesliga opener, the time is Friday, rival is Wolfsburg, from history to see, are a win for Bayern laid a good foundation, but The thrilling win was their unexpected degree.

Earlier, Bayern had 14 clash at home to Wolfsburg, the taste never tasted defeat, it is a staggering record of 13 wins and 1 level, every game will be played at least they scored, this time they did not lose the good tradition, the history of the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich home game Friday in a total of 26 times the number of times, striking the same record, winning 19 victories, a draw 5 games, losing only twice.

In addition to the 10-minute second-half start, the opening game, most of the time, Bayern were firmly grasp the initiative in the game, the ball a staggering rate of 63%, against 52% success rate in the lead, shot number on the dominance of 18 to 11, with Franck Ribery left active, the number of their mass by 16 to 4 in the position of absolute dominance on the same corner frequency of 3 to 9 to dominance, however, after Germany had 39 consecutive games A game did not let opponents Bayern break a corner, this allows the dominant factors come out on top, which makes them feel a bit sorry.
Bayern's advantage in the race is also reflected in the number of players on the ball, ball up to two Bayern players are Mark van Bommel and Bastian Schweinsteiger, respectively 109 times and 107 times, while Wolfsburg touch Little ball, and the most dominant factors were only 49 times and 47 times, it is clear that the initiative lies in the game Bayern hands. It is worth mentioning that, in the Thomas - Muller opened the scoring 9 minutes later, Bayern has had consecutive 24 league goals, the last time, they do not have to score, also 10 months ago, in 2009 October, their goalless draw with VfB Stuttgart 0-0.

This summer, Wolfsburg is the transfer Bundesliga champions, have their own good strength, for Bayern, this is a good measure of their new season of "litmus test" to see the whole game, Wolfsburg are also excellent to play this role, from the overall strength of view, even the second half, McClaren cast Cherish, put Misimovic, only works for 10 minutes, Bayern powerful lineup is thriving in the Bundesliga, but the other teams not without opportunities, especially saw Bayern fragile line of defense, I believe the next game, the competitors will not miss Bayern this vulnerability.

Bayern will be renewed focus on training to use three-star veteran talk results

Although all of a sudden off the Tony, Brenau, Ao Teer and John Baum four, but Bayern did not "winter tonic" means, on Thursday, accepted an interview with Bayern's official website, sporting director Nei Linge said: "I'm not sure what happened. We have a very good and balanced team." However, Nei Linge's remarks did not mean an "assurance", especially for those who contract the player is about to expire are.

Previously, Nei Linge has always stressed that this winter break, Bayern will be more emphasis on internal potential, rather than buying new in this trend, Alabama, Contento, and Ai Jiqi three teams from the two transferred to a team, without exposure to cold ice and snow in Munich, but came to Dubai with the first team training, it is clear that they will be the focus of cultivation Bayern, Nei Linge said: "They will follow the entire half of the season with professional teams training. "With Thomas - Stewart Bell Mill and the success of Bad precedent, Alabama have to do is work hard, waiting for opportunity.

Prior to Dubai, Nei Linge said the training will not negotiate contracts during the period, which is eager to renew is not good news for players such as captain Mark van Bommel, he bent forward to look forward to continue in Dubai about to get, about a contract extension, the Nei Linge Mianlicangzhen said: "The players should put all energy into the football field, if the next half of the season, we have a good start, and that contract negotiations in time for both will be easier. "

Now, Nei Linge has been given a timetable for contract negotiations, that this year's spring, but it also raised additional conditions, that is, the team must have good grades, which means players have to come up with a good state to in exchange for a new contract this summer, the Bayern players contract expires up to six people, Butt, Van Buyten, Mark van Bommel, large Altintop, Lensing and the glitz, in which the performance of three veteran very well, renewed optimism the situation, but rather the younger generation of large Altintop, Lensing and the glitz precarious situation, is likely to be driven out. Of course, in the Bayern team, one person is always a special case, that is, the French star Franck Ribery, for his contract, Nei Linge answer is very cautious, "We have to find a suitable solution."


NIKE, Inc. Announces 15 % increase in Quarterly Dividend

BEAVERTON, Ore., Nov. 18, 2010 – NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) announced these days that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly money dividend of $0.31 every write about around the company’s exceptional school A and school B typical Stock. The $0.31 quarterly dividend, which can be payable on dec 30, 2010 to shareholders of report in the near of company on dec 6, 2010, represents a 15 % boost more than the earlier quarterly level of $0.27 every share.

“We are pleased to boost our dividend to the ninth yr inside a row,” mentioned Mark Parker, President and CEO of NIKE, Inc. “Over the final 5 many years we have returned extra than $2 billion to shareholders via dividend payments. Today’s boost illustrates the durability of our sense of balance sheet and also the acceleration of our business. We are self-confident our methods will carry on to generate long-term rewarding development and powerful money flows which will fuel investments to the potential and allow us to return money to shareholders.”*

About NIKE, Inc.
NIKE, Inc. centered close to Beaverton, Oregon, will be the world's top designer, marketer and distributor of genuine athletic footwear, apparel, gear and components for any broad wide range of sports activities and physical fitness activities. Wholly-owned Nike subsidiaries consist of Cole Haan, which designs, market segments and distributes luxury shoes, handbags, components and coats; Converse Inc., which designs, market segments and distributes athletic footwear, clothing and accessories; Hurley global LLC, which designs, market segments and distributes activity sports activities and youth life-style footwear, clothing and accessories; and Umbro Ltd., a top United Kingdom-based worldwide football (soccer) brand. For extra information, Nike’s earnings releases along with other monetary details are readily available around the web at www.nikebiz.com/investors.

* The marked paragraph consists of forward-looking claims that include dangers and uncertainties that could lead to specific outcomes to differ materially. These dangers and uncertainties are thorough from time to time in reviews filed by NIKE using the S.E.C., such as types 8-K, 10-Q, and 10-K.

NIKE NEWS:Nike And C.Ronaldo Introduce Safari Print Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II

MADRID, Spain (October 28, 2010) – globally football star Cristiano Ronaldo these times with Nike released the CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II boot. Inspired by Ronaldo’s lightning price and effortless design away the pitch, the CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II combines high-performance innovation and heritage belonging toward the Nike Safari print.

Nike initially released the print inside the oxygen Safari operating shoe in 1987, as well as the unexpected aesthetic transformed proficiency shoes design. on the time, trailblazing Nike customized and father belonging toward the oxygen Jordan sequence Tinker Hatfield began exploring non-traditional materials, patterns and colours to take advantage of in athletic shoes and conceived the now legendary ostrich-skin print.

The limited-run oxygen Safari quickly marketed out and gained an ardent subsequent for its striking design. Now the iconic print is back again — this time inside the ft of amid probably the most advantageous avid gamers within of the world. The updated print carries a stylized look, wrapping the whole boot and laces for just about any bold effect. Ronaldo’s signature CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II represents the important thing time the print has long been accustomed to proficiency football footwear.

“The oxygen Safari showed which you can create an athletic shoe that is beautiful and distinctive with out forgoing high-performance utility,” stated Hatfield, VP of inspiring design and design at Nike. “It aided males and ladies create a individual design assertion no subject whether they wore it on the run or out at night.”

Built for speed
The game’s speediest participant demands a boot that not merely reflects his individual design but in inclusion delivers superb traction and responsiveness.The CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II competencies the different NIKE perception adaptive traction plan in which designers founded a pair of adaptive studs within of the forefoot that could extend and retract by as very much as 3mm, centered on soil situations and stress exerted in the player.

Directionally positioned blades maximize slicing and permit for fast modifications of direction, while secondary toe traction provides additional toe-off energy for individuals key important steps. The end result is in simple fact a boot that allows higher price in all directions.

Nike Flywire, a lightweight composite that types the upper, raises assortment of movement while locking the foot toward the main plate, ensuring optimum pass of energy by method of the foot toward the ground. The carbon composite chassis keeps the participant near toward the soil for enhanced stability and responsiveness.

“The CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II helps create a assertion on pitch as well as the Safari print expresses my style,” stated Cristiano Ronaldo. “Combined with amazingly lumination and responsive proficiency the boot provides me almost everything I should elevate my game.”

In an even more nod to speed, the boot’s arresting Safari print is overlaid using a tonal chevron pattern that is illuminated in specific light. founded to appear to be considered a flash in a really player’s peripheral vision, the reflective graphic can improve participant attention on pitch.

The CR Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II also provides purchasers exclusive entry to instruction insights from best avid gamers and coaches by method of Nike Football+. every solo pair of boots arrives using a different person code to unlock insider rules and Master price instruction content.


The Hangover receives All-Time very best marketing Comedy

Old college starred two well-established actors, in concert with a well-liked SNL cast member). All that aside, the movie set up a report due to the facts the hmyghest grossing R-rated comedy coming from all time, making $277 millmyon in its domestic run. subsequent its kick off on December 15th, however, it's verified that it virtually is simply not completed location the greater bar.

Variety is reporting that with 8.6 million dollars models (including every DVDs and Blu-ray) previously sold, and 9.5 million dollars models believed for getting marketed by July, The Hangover has set in the report for all-time best-selling comedy, outpacing the earlier report holder, My huge weight Greek Wedding.

The Hangover breaking the report is all nicely and good, but seriously, what exactly are the hell was My huge weight Greek wedding and wedding reception accomplishing holding the report for 7 years? certainly there is without question normally a calculated risk when purchasing a comedy on DVD, as overexposure can exhaust the jokes, but really? thinking of that i have in no way virtually met everyone who owns that film, i am forced to manage to some individual conclusion: Nia Vardalos owns every individual back-up and wristwatches them repeatedly mynstead of making a fresh movie that is even remotely watchable.

Air Jordan:Air Jordan 1 (I) High Strap White Black arsity Red

The Jordan 1 was introduced in 1985 kicking away not only the best legacy in sneakers, but additionally the best legacy in basketball history.The very first round, 3rd general pick, Michael Jordan, was selected from the Chicago Bulls while in the 1984 NBA Draft.

Preceding to getting while in the NBA, Michael Jordan acquired a resume that no other footballer could touch. Jordan excelled in college basketball at North Carolina and aided steer group us to some yellow-colored metal medal while in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Wearing the oxygen Jordan 1, Michael Jordan soared in his rookie year. Jordan earned a position around the All-Star team, completed 3rd in scoring (28.2 ppg), brought back n1theless again the Bulls back nonetheless again toward the playoffs, and never surprisingly was Rookie of the Year.

Nike, an organization getting troubles breaking to the basketball market, noticed the possible in Michael Jordan becoming a footballer with each other with a marketing and marketing icon and was quickly signed.