Manchester United striker is alleged to new styles like 10 million worth of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United last week, the introduction of striker Javier Hernandez of Mexico in the eyes of most fans, the new face is still a mystery, however, has also played for Everton and Manchester City's former England U21 international striker Adrian Heath pointed out that the Old Trafford fans might expect to see the arrival of another Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Hernandez (former) accused as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Heath is now the USL team Austin American League U23 Aztecs (Austin Aztex) club coach, Hernandez often to see the game. Heath said: "I closely studied the Mexican League, where the rich talent in the past 6 months, Hernandez and the national team in Chivas began to shine. He was known as Charles Melito odd , meaning that a small pea, but you do not look down he short, because his style of play is terrible. "

As with Hernandez, Heath is also a little over the past forward, "his movement is very strong, so headed into the lot, he seems to always be one step faster than the defender stabbed the ball." Heath of Road "If you see him in the game, they will think: 'He could score any minute.' As you can see the idea as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but he probably really do get one. a lot people urged him to the national team, but they also do not want to start, because of his age is very small, but at last he entered the national team, 4 games into the four. "

People worried about whether he would like Berbatov, as in the United giants such stage fright. But Heath did not think this is the problem: "He will not have any problem to meet the fans, because here in the Chivas, each home has a 60,000 to 80,000 fans, especially if the opponent is the American team, then more people. Mexicans are passionate about football. However, he certainly takes time, if any place is appropriate, then it is Manchester United because they have enough talent in the team players, have ample patience. I believe that he would a huge impact. "

Hernandez worth exactly how much, is still a mystery, "Sun" said it was 600 pounds, "Daily Mail" is said to be 500 pounds, "Daily Telegraph" was highest 1000 pounds. Only certainty is that Hernandez from football family, his grandfather, Thomas Barr kaza 1954 World Cup striker. 21-year-old Hernandez move to Manchester United also had a lot of interesting stories, in order to secrecy, asking him not to move to Manchester United to notify any person inside, so his grandfather and manager did not know Barr kaza this.

When Hernandez left Mexico when he was told his grandfather just this trip is to Atlanta, and finally he was surprised to find the real destination was actually Old Trafford. To move that day until Hernandez's family and girlfriend have been hiding for a whole week of time.

Finally, Hernandez and his family enjoyed a 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich Manchester United, the next day to meet with Ferguson. "We see the side with Sir Alex Ferguson hopes, so my family and I had lunch with him." Hernandez said, "I know why he can be so successful because he is a true and frank. He is an unusual person He will leave a profound impression on you, not only because of his accomplishments, but because of his behavior. We talked football, he told us the story of some of you know, in addition we do not talk about more. He wanted to meet me with my family, look at us. "

"Last Wednesday, I watched the game at Old Trafford, I think the whole atmosphere there, the fans express themselves, but also for football in this country born of the Spirit, are difficult to describe in words. I just want to jump on course, start the race. fan support is amazing, both teams win or lose, and, the level of the players and the league are world famous. England football more in-depth development than Mexico, the country's culture Football means more emphasis on fair play, and everyone tried to ensure the highest level of play on the pitch, I like that. "

British "Daily Telegraph" revealed the origin of transfer Hernandez last September, a former Mexican striker Marco Garces (Marco Garces) Liverpool John Moores University in England 4 years Education Campaign After the return to science. In the United Kingdom, Manchester United scout Jim Garces with basil (Jim Lawlor) become good friends, after returning to his youth academy in the Pachuca club work. But the basil to Mexico visit, please recommend a good player Garces, who suggested he see Hernandez.

Last December, Manchester United scouts to see Hernandez to arrange for a game, and then, in February and March, Basil was invited to Mexico to personally visit 3 weeks, more in-depth understanding. Through observation, Manchester United that Hernandez is not only forthright, and speak fluent English, studied business management courses free Shihai.

This season, Hernandez scored in 8 games, 10 goals, basil Chivas saw his two games, but still really impressed Manchester United, Mexico March 3 game 2-0 win over New Zealand in Hernandez's performance, so that they feel the young striker has reached the requirements of the Red Devils.

Ferguson said: "Jim presented a children's interesting about this report, so we sent last week, the club secretary went to Mexico with Jim to complete the transaction. We are very pleased to sign him."

Chivas Manchester United club directly with the main Li Jiya transactions, as part of the transfer contract, Manchester United agreed this summer to participate in the new Chivas home game. "When I learned that will be joining Manchester United, I got goosebumps from the whole body. You have many dreams, I was a kid when watching live TV, on the desire to move to Europe. I am very grateful to help me achieve each the goals. Suddenly, I'm going to talk to those who own only in the PS and television over the past met the players on to play with, I am going to pursue a dream, and I thank God I realized my dream. "

Hernandez will be July 1 officially joined Manchester United, before that, he will have the World Cup in South Africa, if you like Mexico where he can perform well, then, his Dream Theater fans will have more high expectations.


Recalling the journey Bundesliga Klose glad most afraid of ten people have already retired

Today, nike shoes striker Miroslav Klose is a day of special significance, April 15, 2000, in Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, home of the game, his first appearance in the Bundesliga, flash decade has passed, Despite the poor state of this season, but 119 goals in the Bundesliga and the German team's 48 goals are still confirmed his greatness, to accept nike shoes official magazine interview, he also points to the many years experience.

Even after a decade on his first Bundesliga game, Klose is still fresh in my memory, "It was Kaiser of the Frankfurt game, I reserve Morris Peterson played 15 minutes, and ultimately, With Reich's goal, beating us 1-0. It was a very tough game, but we kept the lead to the end, the whole mountain shook Tony Shum, then it is an incredible game, and some things I will never forget. "

For the beginning of his career experience, Klose in my mind reserved for them in a special place, "I do not remember all the games, but definitely remember the first Bundesliga appearance, that I was a kid, when there's dream first season, I also played for Wolfsburg in the competition, but only played a few minutes. I remember my first Bundesliga next season is starting on the Stuttgart game, when I The opponent is Thiam, the day before the game, our coach Rehhagel gave us a detailed video analysis, and points out their advantages and disadvantages of offense and defense, I know all Thiam. "

In 284 Bundesliga games, Klose has been the ball into the 119, in which the ball, he has a special appreciation of nature, "I could not help think of the effect of Bremen during the course of Cologne in Wieser a goal, the ball broke my left foot volley, perhaps the most exciting of my career is a goal, at least in the Bundesliga. "league, staged four times so far Klose" hat-trick ", how can there be such a good performance? Klose's view is: "If you get very early in the game to score, then you've got a lot of burden on small, at least for me, in which case I always feel like relaxing a lot, if the tension no sense, you did not think too much, all that may come naturally. "

Bundesliga campaign decade, Klose has also become a "collection of addiction," the game worn jerseys and played football, he was always ready to collect, Klose said: "Early in my career I used to collect jerseys, every game is really the collection, however, three or four years, I stopped, because they really became too much. From then on, I started collecting football, until now or that have particular race, especially in the Champions League or national team, I always try to take a football. Now, I participated in football at each competition I have, they are neat rows in my home together. my shirt is also my home, in my retirement, I will build a beautiful house kept these souvenirs. "

Football, Klose will inevitably encounter rival to his headaches, and most depressed person to have his "iron plaster," said the former German international Coral, said the football legend who had retired , Klose smiled and said: "The most difficult game is always the face of Coral where the Dortmund, I have never met guarded like him, I know I'm much faster than him, but his are always I can put in front of the foot, or put the ball between me and, fortunately, only two years of our careers overlap. "Since there are formidable opponents, there will be" cute "opponent, In the Bundesliga, there are always some team is willing to encounter Klose, Klose said: "It's strange, I always encounter some teams played well, and the frequent goal, they are Wolfsburg, Hertha Berlin and Hamburg, the three teams always bring out my best. "

Bundesliga career, Klose often for several years and with a defender to play against in the field, they are not only rivals, and sometimes can even talk a few words, Klose said: "For some particular opponent, such as national teammate in the field, we will even share some personal circumstances, such as family, in the face Podolski, Bremen, or some players, I always look forward to talk with them about. "

119 goals, not the ultimate goal of Miroslav Klose in the Bundesliga, the former Bundesliga Golden Boot also want to further expand his record, "of course, the goal as possible, each season, I will give set yourself a goal, and then try to achieve it, end of the season, I will analyze, in the end is not achieved. This season, I would like to add into one or more of the ball, however, see the club's success and won many important competitions, I have felt very happy. "